Vendor Feature

Can't think of a gift for someone on your list this year? Just about everyone loves chocolate. What's even better than chocolate? Fancy handmade chocolates from Lulubee Chocolates at the Handmade Omaha Winter Art & Craft Bazaar November 24th and 25th at 10th and Bancroft.
When you see these handcrafted bonbons, your reaction will be: “They’re too pretty to eat!” The secret is colored cocoa butter, which Gaylene hand paints into the bonbon molds.

Gaylene adores being a chocolatier because she gets to be both a scientist and a creative flavor-maker! To temper the chocolate, you must be exact. One wiggle here or there and the chocolate won’t shine or snap when you break it. And then, to make treats that are worth the calories, she plays with splashes of this and sprinkles of that.

From the sea salt caramels, English toffee, chocolate bars, or bonbons and truffles, everything from Lulubee Chocolates is made by hand, in small batches, and from quality products.